Scripto is a collaborative tool for crowdsourcing document transcription. Scripto enables users to work together to transcribe text, video, and audio materials in a variety of formats including jpg, pdf, mp3, mp4. Transcribe everything!

This Wordpress site includes representative samples of items to transcribe and instructions for test driving Scripto.

Old Time Radio: Gene Autry at Melody Ranch

“Hard-riding, sweet-singing, cowboy picture star Gene Autry” was heard each Sunday evening on radios across America via CBS, the Columbia Broadcasting System. Gene’s Melody

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Ranch radio show aired for an unprecedented 16 years (between 1940 and 1956), featuring songs, comedy and action filled drama. Throughout the run, the show’s sponsor was cool, refreshing Doublemint Gum. Continue reading

Zora Neale Hurston Interview

Novelist, poet, cultural interpreter, and member of the Federal Writers’ Project in Florida, Zora Neal Hurston sings and talks about “Halimuhfack,” A “jook” song, learned on the East coast of Florida. (Jook music is a style of hip hop created in the Tampa Bay area based off of bounce, booty/ bass music and some elements of dancehall reggae,” jook began more than 100 years ago in central and south Florida.) Continue reading

John F. Kennedy: Ich bin ein Berliner (excerpt)

In August 1961 the Soviets erected the Berlin Wall to stop the mass exodus of people fleeing Soviet East Berlin for West Berlin and the non-Communist world. The wall was a mass of concrete, barbed wire, and stone that cut into the heart of the city, separating families and friends. For 28 years, it stood as a grim symbol of the gulf between

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the Communist East and the non-Communist West. In 1989 the Berlin Wall fell, signalling the end of the cold war. Continue reading

Letter from Chauncey Mead to W. W. Baker, November 22, 1883

Racial tension and violence accompanied Virginia state elections in 1883 when Democrats succeeded in ousting the more racially-egalitarian Readjuster Party. Riots centered in Danville, killing four African Americans wounding numerous others. In the aftermath of the election, local and state political committees sought testimony and affidavits about the conduct of the election

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in various jurisdictions throughout the state. Continue reading