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Letter Pvt W.P. Voght to Mr. and Mrs. Claude Voght


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Pvt. W. P. Voght
4th. Trng. Sqd.
Harlingen Army Gunnery School
Harlingen, Texas

[Postmark]Harlingen, Tex, Oct 27, 1942, 2 - PM

Mr + Mrs. Claude Voght
406 Dodge St.
Houghton, Michigan


Dear Mother, Dad, & Mary:

hello all

Well, the groceries are just as bad as ever but I can put up with it another month. Last night (Sunday) we had sausage, beans & canned tomatoes. This morning we had a green orange and some kind of cooked up ground meat. One guy kicked about it and they told him to get a blonde and cry on her shoulder or go home & tell his mother. Then every one gave him the laugh. Forks & knives are dirty also and we have lemon pudding twice a week which reminds me of Als. I laugh when I think of it. Join in with me....

They were doing some formation flying for the movies yesterday. About 50 planes and it sure was a beautiful sight. We have our parade here on Saturday morning. We march out on the field between the planes & then we march in review. A guy wishes he was over fighting then. I got a 90% instead of 88 & the instructor markfsdsdfed something wrong that was right. Thats the best mark I got since I was in the Catholic school. I sure take an interest in this.

Thebo is lucky he is getting so much training. They've got some wonderful equipment here for us guys so I guess they think with that we don't need too much training.

I answered Mrs. Budd's letter about two weeks ago. I also answered Olson's letter. He don't write but 10 words. I guess he's going to be a flyer.

Well, I guess I'll have to cut this short as I have some more letters & some studying to do. Hoping you are keeping your teeth cleaned etc. I remain

Your loving Son & Brother Bill.