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Letter from Mary Anne Mason Anderson to her sister, Sue


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make it very sore for a time, but then it will be back. I cannot get in a [illegible] and wear an old slipper of Sally's. Last week I tried an elastic back, but I thought I would go crazy, the swelling and pain were so great.

I have a great deal of fatigue, having the entire care of Kate - she plays out a great deal, but has to dressed etc. - but I declare I would rather do it myself than have the annoyance of more servants - they are so [illegible]less now.

Maris is good hearted, but knows no more about cleaning than a child and I have to please her up at every step and often do the work myself. Richard & [illegible] are [illegible], but Martha is more stealthy than ever. She has a little adopted girl here all the time hid away from me, but the child says she lives here. When that delectable trike of the Carlies are here all the time, of course by stealth.