Help Us Test the New Connector Script for Omeka

Do you want to help us test our first publicly released connector script? This one adds a Scripto transcription interface to Omeka, a web publishing platform for digital collections. It exposes many of the features that are possible using the Scripto library, so consider it our first showcase of Scripto’s potential. This is your chance to see firsthand what Scripto is capable of doing!

  1. Download and install Omeka 1.4 (Scripto is compatible with 1.4+)
  2. Download and installĀ MediaWiki (Scripto is compatible with 1.15+)
  3. Download and install the Scripto plugin
    1. Download theĀ 0.1 tag
    2. Extract into Omeka’s plugin directory
    3. Rename the resulting directory to “Scripto”
    4. Install and configure the plugin in Omeka
    5. Read the instructions

This is a testing release, which means that you should only install the plugin on testing and development sites. It also means we are actively soliciting feedback. Please consider sharing your testing notes, bug reports, suggestions, and overall impressions with us. Just become a member over at the Scripto Dev Google Group and start a discussion there. We eagerly await your comments.

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Scripto is a free, open source tool for enabling community transcriptions of document and multimedia files.