Content Management System Extensions

Omeka: Our Scripto plugin for Omeka is available for public use.
This plugin does not work using the newer versions of MediaWiki. Please use an earlier version, specifically v1.23.15 LTS

Currently, the service is unavailable, which renders this version of the plugin inoperable.
WordPress: Our Scripto plugin for WordPress is now available in public beta.

Drupal: Our Scripto module for Drupal is now available in public beta.

Scripto Library

The Scripto software library is under active development and the code may be accessed via GitHub. Using the Scripto PHP library, programmers can build a custom instance of Scripto to work with content management systems other than those for which we have already developed extensions.


If you have any questions, comments, or bug reports, please post them to the Scripto Dev Google Group.


Scripto is a free, open source tool for enabling community transcriptions of document and multimedia files.