WordPress + Scripto

Currently, the Zoom.it service is unavailable, which renders this version of the plugin inoperable.


In WordPress, materials for transcription are attached to posts. For these purposes a post is a document, and a post’s attachments are its document pages.

Transcribers, editors, and administrators working in WordPress are are able to:

  • Log in (if needed)
  • View images with Zoom.it
  • View documents with Google Docs Viewer
  • Transcribe document pages
  • Discuss document pages
  • View individual contributions
  • View recent transcription and discussion history
  • View the revision history of a page
  • View revisions of a page
  • View the difference between page revisions
  • Revert to a previous revision

In addition to this, administrators can:

  • Protect transcriptions
  • Edit protected transcriptions
  • Import transcriptions from MediaWiki as post and attachment metadata

Scripto is a free, open source tool for enabling community transcriptions of document and multimedia files.