Omeka + Scripto


The Omeka plugin is the most fully featured Scripto application and is intended to showcase the capabilities of Scripto. An Omeka item that contains at least one file is transcribable. For Scripto’s purposes an item is a document and an item’s files are its document pages.

Transcribers, editors, and administrators working in Omeka are are able to:

  • Log in (if needed)
  • View images with or OpenLayers
  • View documents with Google Docs Viewer
  • Transcribe document pages
  • Discuss document pages
  • View your contributions
  • View recent transcription and discussion history
  • View the revision history of a page
  • View revisions of a page
  • View the difference between page revisions
  • Revert to a previous revision
  • Make a custom watchlist

In addition to this, administrators can:

  • Protect transcriptions and discussions
  • Edit protected transcriptions and discussions
  • Import transcriptions from MediaWiki as item and file metadata
  • View corresponding MediaWiki pages

Scripto is a free, open source tool for enabling community transcriptions of document and multimedia files.