Drupal + Scripto — Editor’s Role

The Scripto module for Drupal provides the minimum amount of features needed to run a Scripto application. Because of this you’ll need to perform all editorial tasks directly in the MediaWiki interface.

  • Edit: You can access a particular file’s wiki page by navigating to the file’s Transcribe page, logging in if you haven’t already, and clicking on the “View wiki page” link. You may also view all recent edits to transcriptions in the Recent changes page provided in your MediaWiki installation. From there you can view revision history and differences between revisions, and you can revert to a previous revision if you are unsatisfied with the current changes.
  • Import: Once you are satisfied with a node’s transcriptions (i.e. all files assigned to a node are satisfactorily transcribed) you may import those transcriptions to the Drupal database by clicking on the “Import Transcriptions” button on the node page. The transcriptions will now be viewable searchable directly within your Drupal installation.

Scripto is a free, open source tool for enabling community transcriptions of document and multimedia files.