Drupal + Scripto — Installation and Configuration

Currently, the Zoom.it service is unavailable, which renders this version of the plugin inoperable.


  1. Download the most recent version of the module and unzip the file to your desktop;
  2. Using an FTP client, upload the unzipped module directory to your server and place it inside the Drupal sites/all/modules/ directory;
  3. Log in to your Drupal admin interface, navigate to the Modules page, check the “Enabled” box next to Scripto, and click on the “Save configuration” button;
  4. Click on the “Configure” button next to Scripto and configure the plugin (see below);
  5. Download latest version of Zend Framework 1;
  6. Download and install MediaWiki.


  • Path to Zend Framework: The full path, from root, to the directory containing the Zend Framework library.
  • MediaWiki API URL: URL to your MediaWiki installation API
  • Node types: Check to enable transcriptions on the specified node types. All files will be transcribable. Use caution when unchecking a node type; all transcriptions that have been imported will be deleted, but they can be re-imported.

Scripto is a free, open source tool for enabling community transcriptions of document and multimedia files.