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Why Crowdsourcing? Why Scripto?

As we approach the alpha launch of Scripto with the Papers of the War Department, 1784-1800 project, it seems appropriate to step back and consider why we at CHNM would be interested in building a tool to facilitate the crowdsourcing

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Tool Interface Design

Obviously, the most prominent aspect of the interface for transcribing documents is the layout for the document and transcription windows themselves, yet it was one I initially didn’t give much thought too. Our first design incorporated the look some other

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Software Update

I’m happy to report that, after a few months hiatus, development on Scripto is progressing rapidly. Ken has been hard at work designing some impressive user interfaces, while I’ve been debugging the library, writing test cases, and preparing the application

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Scripto featured in New York Times article on crowdsourcing transcription

Scripto was featured in a recent article in the New York Times about efforts to crowdsource documentary transcription. At the end of January 2011,  we will implement Scripto with the Papers of the War Department project, allowing users to contribution

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Hello from the Lead Programmer

Hi everyone and thanks for your interest in Scripto! We’re excited to bring you this tool, so until it’s released we’ll be posting periodic updates here on this blog. My updates will be technical in nature, but I think it’s

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Scripto is a free, open source tool for enabling community transcriptions of document and multimedia files.