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Scripto User Spotlight-DIY History

Today we bring you the first of several spotlights on a different sort of Scripto user. Before, we have featured individual transcribers who have devoted time to transcribing War Department documents. Here, though, we feature an institution that has implemented

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Scripto Plugin for Omeka Sandbox

We’re happy to announce our first publicly released connector script, the Scripto plugin for Omeka. Omeka is a free, open source web publishing platform for online digital archives. The plugin enables transcription of every file in an Omeka archive. We’ve set up an Omeka sandbox where you

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Help Us Test the New Connector Script for Omeka

Do you want to help us test our first publicly released connector script? This one adds a Scripto transcription interface to Omeka, a web publishing platform for digital collections. It exposes many of the features that are possible using the

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Transcribe Everything!

Hello everyone. You’ll be happy to know that I’m making great progress on the Scripto tool library. As you know, we’ve already integrated Scripto into the Papers of the War Department, and we’ll continue to upgrade that interface as we

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Why Crowdsourcing? Why Scripto?

As we approach the alpha launch of Scripto with the Papers of the War Department, 1784-1800 project, it seems appropriate to step back and consider why we at CHNM would be interested in building a tool to facilitate the crowdsourcing

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Scripto is a free, open source tool for enabling community transcriptions of document and multimedia files.